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International strategy

At the Faculty of Engineering, we understand internationalization as a comprehensive and multistakeholder process of all academic departments that includes the strategies, methodologies and actions taken for the internationalization of the university impacting on Teaching, Research, and Outreach and Engagement by emphasizing Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer.

Therefore, from a perspective of co-construction of knowledge, the Faculty of Engineering is aimed to increase the levels of the following:

1) Internationalization of the curriculum

2) Internationalization of R + D, and Graduate Programs

3) Internationalization of Innovation & Entrepreneurship activities

3) Intercultural valuing and the engineering development & practices.

This internationalization policy is based on a resilience strategy expressed on international cooperation, and mobility and international liaison mechanisms to put the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile into the international sphere. Therefore, internationalization is understood as mean to import and export good practices and development models to boost the work of the discipline of our university community and, then, to contribute the local and sustainable development of Chile.