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Planning your arrival

How can I be oriented at USACH and where can I stay at?
Arriving to Chile and to USACH can be a total adventure, so we hope you have a safe arrival. In order to help you out with your stay, we include some information.

How can I find a place on campus?

The advantages of the single campus are many; however, for new students it might be hard to orientate themselves in this huge place. For this reason, we suggest you to download the mobile application USACH MÓVIL developed by students of the university. On this application you will be able to check the location of departments, classrooms, streets of the campus and also the upcoming events that take place at the university.

When do classes start?

The first semester of 2020 starts on March 2nd, and finishes the second week of July. The second semester starts the second week of August and finishes a few days before Christmas.

 Where can I be accommodated?

The Faculty of Engineering has an accommodation agreement with Chile Lindo Hostel, an establishment placed about 2 kilometers from campus that includes a set of student rates with breakfast service. The hotel possess good infraestructure and offers laundry and cleaning service, Wi-Fi, among others. It is important to note these fees are additional, and each student or group should book directly with the hostel. For reservation purposes, please contact, mentioning you are coming to the Faculty of Engineering at USACH, and visit the website here



For more information, you can check the document "Handbook for International Students" attached, elaborated by the Department of International and Inter-University Relations.